Table of Contents

  1. The Origins of Money Systems
  2. Rome’s Bronze Nomisma: Better Than Gold
  3. A Monetary View Of Rome’s Decline
  4. Re-Instituting Money In The West
  5. Crusades End Byzantium’s Monetary Control
  6. Renaissance Struggles For Monetary Dominance
  7. The Scholastics – The Moral Economists
  8. 1500 – History’s Pivot: Power Shifts From The Mediterranean To The North Sea
  9. The Rise Of Capitalism In Amsterdam
  10. Transferring Capitalism To England
  11. Hatching The Bank Of England
  12. Political Economists: Priesthood Of The Bankers Theology
  13. The Usury Debate Continues
  14. U.S. Colonial Moneys
  15. The Money Power vs. The Constitution
  16. U.S. Government Money vs Private Money
  17. The Greenbacks: Real American Money
  18. Nineteenth Century Monetary Crimes – The Great Deflations
  19. Establishment Of The Federal Reserve
  20. Federal Reserve System Wrecks America
  21. Germany’s 1923 Hyper-Inflation Under A Private Central Bank
  22. International Monetary Organizations
  23. The European Monetary Union
  24. Proposals for U.S. Monetary Reform


Proposals For U.S. Monetary Reform