Stephen Zarlenga’s talk at the 2007 Green Party National Convention

After a high ranking member of the American Green Party heard my presentation on monetary reform at an AMI Chapter meeting in the midwest, I was invited to make a similar presentation at the national Convention in Reading Pennsylvania on July 12, 2007. I call it:

Greening The Dollar -
Reclaiming our democratic Values Through Monetary Reform

They gave me an hour and 15 minutes. The talk was very well received. Afterwards people asked me to speak in their areas and want to work together. No one told me that this was difficult to understand, the way political people who want to avoid the issue sometimes do. The Greens are used to examining real issues.

You can download my talk, with narration, at

Its in powerpoint. You can download a powerpoint reader for free at

When viewing my talk, follow the directions to advance pages by clicking the mouse.

This presentation is about one and a half hours long, in three parts. Try to view it in three sessions when you can relax and absorb the message

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I hope you enjoy this material, and stay in touch!
Stephen Zarlenga


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