Free June Seminar

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

Great news – really exceptional news:

We have scheduled a Meeting and free Seminar for Monday June 30th, 2014 in Chicago at the Workers United Hall at 333 S. Ashland, 6:30 to 9pm. This is one of the best meeting places in Chicago. It’s hard to schedule meetings in Chicago because it is so spread out, and parking is often expensive!

The Worker’s United Hall – an SEIU Affiliate – is located right next to the Eisenhower expressway (20 yards north of it), which is easily accessible from all of Chicago. Simply get off the Eisenhower at Ashland, which is about 1600 West. Furthermore, It has a free parking lot. (No $30 parking costs as in downtown!) We deeply thank the Workers United organization for this opportunity!

We know this will be important in helping us develop a strong monetary reform movement in Chicago! A key American city. Come to our first meeting and join/learn about the ACTION!
If you are not in Chicago – tell your friends who live here about it and send them in!

Here is what we’ll do on June 30th:
A Presentation by AMI Director Stephen Zarlenga;
Talks by 2 AMI Researchers:
Chicago Educator Steven Walsh; and
Occupy movement leader Nick Egnatz.

Zarlenga will give the background, objectives and plans of the AMI; and achievements to date;
Walsh will discuss the Chicago Teachers Union Endorsement of the N.E.E.D. Act;
Egnatz will talk about how the the Occupy Movement gets re-energized with Kucinich’s N.E.E.D. Act.
There will be an extensive anything you want to ask question and answer period.
Reservations appreciated by email or phone, but not required – just show up!

Here is the Public Service Ad that WCPT broadcast on 820 AM Radio:

“The American Monetary Institute’s free seminar explains how to fix the banking crisis, to work for normal people not just the rich. Bankers use their debt instead of government money. They obscenely concentrate wealth and power, and cause poverty and warfare everywhere. Come learn more about money in 2 hours than most economists do in a lifetime!
Monday June 30th at 333 S. Ashland, the Workers United building.
Reservations appreciated at 224-805-2200. See our website”

Thanks for your attention! See you there.
Stephen Zarlenga
mobile 224-805-2200