Fixing Our Broken Money System

Fixing Our Broken Money System:

Achieving Justice, Avoiding Austerity,
Reducing Debt and Creating Jobs

What: An educational forum on our money system open to the public

When: Sunday, May 12th 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Where: The Great Hall –
at the Cooper Union Foundation Building
7 E 7th Street, New York, NY, 10003

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The American Monetary Institute proudly announces the event, Fixing Our Broken Money System, which will bring together specialists to discuss how we can solve the economic crisis, which is the result of corrupt banking practices, based on imaginary economic theories, and an unjust money system designed to concentrate the nation’s wealth into less than the richest 1%. Join us at the Cooper Union in New York City for this exciting program that will answer the key monetary questions of our time.

Much of the terminology and proposals circulating in major media (including the Internet) are not based on reality. Examples include endlessly discussed ‘debt ceilings’ and ominous ‘fiscal cliffs’, and liberating ‘trillion-dollar coins.’ What does it all mean? Where is the dialogue on solutions and reforms that could actually work and benefit society, such as the NEED Act (HR 2990) introduced into Congress by Dennis Kucinich?

Getting real answers involves examining some key factors:
- The true nature of money as legal tender
- Big banks’ unwarranted money creation power – much to blame for the current economic crisis
- Government’s constitutional power to create and regulate the money supply to promote the general welfare

We invite you to learn from real experts who have studied and worked on this issue in the spirit of improving our society.

Expert voices will include

Stephen Zarlenga – Director and Co-Founder of the AMI, author of The Lost Science of Money and part author of Kucinich’s NEED Act proposal

Jamie Walton – AMI Researcher and former member of Congressman Kucinich’s staff, who contributed greatly to the crafting and advancing of HR 2990

Robert Poteat – Senior Advisor to the AMI and AMI Northwest Chapter Leader – one of the most knowledgeable experts on America’s money system. Profit from financing war is a major incentive to make war and a major driver of public debt.

Greg Coleridge – Director of the NE Ohio American Friends Service Committee (Quakers – for ID only)

Joe Bongiovanni – well known and respected internet blogger on monetary questions

Professor Nic Tideman – leading American Georgist and Professor of economics at Virginia Tech since 1985, formerly a Senior Staff Economist at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers

Dr. William Batt – political scientist, former staff policy analyst for the New York State Legislature, leading Georgist advocate, and earlier Peace Corps volunteer (Thailand, 1962- 64)

Kaoru Yamaguchi – World leader in applying system dynamics methodology to monetary reform

Also invited to speak

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich – creator and promoter of the NEED Act, former Congressman from Ohio’s 10th District