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DVDs can be purchased of each speaker at $195 for the entire conference, or at $15 per speaker, or $64 for any 5 speakers. We recommend the full set.  Also, the first 10 minutes of each speaker (and some full talks) are available at our YouTube channel.

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  • AMI’s Purpose, Objectives and Methodology
    Stephen Zarlenga, Director, co‐founder of the American Monetary Institute. Welcome and conference opening and some introductions.
  • An Economic Modeling of the American Monetary Act
    Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi, Doshisha University, Japan, expert in macroeconomic modeling and system dynamics.
  • How Central Banks and Banking Systems Really Work
    Prof. Steve Keen, University of Western Sydney, Australia, first‐place winner of the inaugural Revere Award for early warning of the crash.
  • To Whom Should Seigniorage from Money Creation Really Belong?
    Prof. Nic Tideman, Virginia Tech, former Senior Economist at the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, always focuses on freedom and fairness.
  • The Case for Monetary Reform
    Robert Poteat, Leader, AMI’s North‐West Chapters, one of America’s most knowledgeable, reality‐based experts on our money system.
  • Why Monetary Reform Can’t Wait
    Dick Distelhorst, leader, AMI Burlington (Iowa) Chapter, another one of American’s most knowledgeable, reality‐based experts on our money system. (Presented at conference by video.)
  • The American Monetary Act
    Jamie Walton, AMI Researcher.
  • Exciting Developments in Brazil, Latvia and Iceland
    Prof. Michael Hudson, Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of Missouri‐Kansas City; Author, Super Imperialism and Global Fracture.
  • Exciting Developments in British Monetary Reform
    Ben Dyson, dynamic British monetary reformer.
  • Strategy for the Monetary Reform Movement
    Carol Brouillet, dynamic monetary reformer and political activist.
  • Countering Right‐Wing Economic Lies
    David Kelley, expert legal and economic researcher and social justice activist.
  • The Importance of Agricultural Parity and How it’s Calculated
    Tommy Gregory, Mississippi Director, National Agricultural Statistics Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • How the Money System Affects Nutrition
    Douglas Wolfe, expert on organic agriculture, nutrition and monetary reform.
  • Progressive Guidelines for Macroeconomic Decision Making
    Mark Pash, Californian businessman.
  • The Green Party’s Monetary Reform Plank
    Ben Kjelshus and Dee Berry, Progressive Party (Green Party) of Missouri, two of America’s most dynamic and effective political ‘movers and shakers’. (Presented at conference by video.)
  • The Rigor of Research and Fundamental Monetary Change
    Greg Coleridge, Director, North‐East Ohio American Friends (Quakers) Service Committee.
  • The 2008 Crash, Bank Bailouts and Beyond
    William Bergman, former economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago describes some of his experiences and how he views the bailout; the winners and the losers.