Internship and Voluntary Work Programs

As a 501c3 Publicly Supported Charitable Trust, the American Monetary Institute sponsors both internship programs and voluntary work programs for specified time periods under the supervision of Director Stephen Zarlenga. Participants combine a program of learning the methodology and results of the Institutes research with their own focus on monetary system matters. Through their concurrent contribution of time and effort on tasks necessary for the continued operations of the Institute they help the Institute fulfill its educational and charitable purposes in spreading the results of our research into monetary history, theory and reform.

The work focuses on several areas: normal administrative tasks; website assistance; help with the many aspects of our annual international monetary reform conference; grant writing; development of AMI chapters throughout the U.S.; editing our video and audio presentations; student outreach programs; etc. We do try to make sure that while this is serious work, that it is done in an enjoyable atmosphere. And you’ll meet interesting people, at the forefront of monetary research and reform in the U.S.A.

For further information or applications please email Stephen Zarlenga at and tell us about yourself – your background and your objectives – and please send in a resume, including any relevant personal info and photo.