Stephen Zarlenga

Our Director Stephen Zarlenga cofounded the American Monetary Institute in 1996. He is the author of the groundbreaking book the Lost Science of Money in which he calls into question and challenges the basis, and Achilles’ heel, of American capitalism: the private control and resulting misdirection of the nation’s monetary system. This book started the modern movement for monetary reform in America. Based on this research, the American Monetary Act was developed to reform our nation’s money system. Zarlenga also authored the Refutation of Menger’s Theory of the Origin of Money, dispelling misconceptions on the nature of money embraced by the Austrian School of Economics, which Carl Menger founded. In 1976 Zarlenga served as a trustee and executive committee member of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Zarlenga stresses that therecent financial crisis presents a rare opportunity, which must be used to achieve meaningful reform, and not be dissipated on diversions.

Jamie Walton

From 2006 through 2011, Jamie Walton was an integral member of the American Monetary Institute. The former AMI researcher has an extensive background in communicating and acting on behalf of monetary reform. His background as a New Zealand civil engineer enhances his thorough, practical, and non-technical public speaking style on the importance of monetary reform.



Bob Poteat

AMI Northwest Chapter leader Bob Poteat is one of America’s top monetary thinkers. Bob has extensive experience communicating to state legislators. He specializes in crafting succinct and memorable messages to meet the demands of broadcast media.

Steven Walsh

AMI Chicago Chapter leader Steven Walsh is a leading expert in ancient and Colonial money systems. As a public school educator Steven has a penchant for making monetary history understandable and exciting to young students. He is an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker on money.



Jules Brouillet

Jules Brouillet
In addition to assisting in AMI research and operations, in 2011 Jules Brouillet worked with the AMI Chicago Chapter,, and US Uncut, and other local groups to effect monetary reform.  He has written on financial market crises, penitentiary privatization, public health policy, and grassroots organizing.  Jules also spoke at the 2011 AMI Monetary Reform Conference, articulating AMI’s successes of the past two years and how to replicate them.  He is currently a monetary reform educator and advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dick Distelhorst (1921-2011)

Richard DistelhorstDick Distelhorst, our dear friend and long term monetary reformer, passed away in February 2011, in his 90th year. Dick prepared a last video for us explaining exactly how to  proceed in gaining passage of the Act. He was among the most knowledgeable Americans regarding the workings of our monetary system and his presentation last year brought the audience to its feet.