2016 Speakers and talks video

12th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference

Chicago, September 29-October 2, 2016

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Dennis Kucinich served as U.S. Representative of Ohio from 1997-2013 and also as a candidate for President of the United States in 2004 and 2008.  Among his life achievements, he was the Mayor of Cleveland (1977-1979) and was successful in a battle against selling the municipal utility. Kucinich is known for being the strongest liberal voice in the anti-war movement as well as co-sponsoring legislation HR 676  (Universal Single-Payer Healthcare) as well as HR 2990, the N.E.E.D. Act,  (National Emergency Employment Defense) which would deliver the single most important legislation ever known to date by reforming the money system thus ending Fractional Reserve Banking once and for all. Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s speaks about the wave of creative potential becoming possible with the monetary reforms in the NEED Act in a spectacular Keynote Address at the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony of the 12th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference.

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Professor Joseph Huber is the key monetary reformer of Germany. Founder of monetative.de, Berlin, a monetary reform initiative. In the ’90s he developed a new currency-school approach to overcome fractional reserve banking. Prof. Huber has been working with James Robertson on UK and European monetary reform since 1999, on behalf of the New Economics Foundation, London (report Creating New Money).

Professor Joseph Huber is the foremost monetary reform economist in the world. In this presentation, entitled The Payment Machine: Do we really share a common view of how the money system works?Professor Huber explains the often misunderstood way in which the present monetary and banking system operates as a two-tier/split-circuit system, and highlights some of the mistakes that even supposed experts make in their models of this system.

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In 2013, his talk was “Modern Money – Interest-bearing Credit or Debt-free Currency?” which challenged assumptions of so called “Modern Money Theory” (MMT), and the views on money, credit, and debt and MMT’s belittlement of the dysfunctions of the present mixed-money system because of fractional reserve accounting. He compares this against the analyses given by contemporary monetary reformers who actually stand for a transition from banks’ credit-created money to debt-free sovereign money. Prof. Huber has launched an important new website at www.sovereignmoney.eu to help explain monetary reform to all. That talk was sent to the 25,000 subscribers to the Real World Economic Forum in January 2014. MMT has been unable to answer it. Prof. Huber “coined” the phrase “sovereign money” some years back. We consider him among the very top monetary reformers in the world.

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Elizabeth Kucinich is an independent transatlantic consultant working to bring social, economic, agricultural and ecological systems into balance. Elizabeth worked for 10 years with the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and the Forum for Stable Currencies in London, before coming to America in 2005 to help organize the AMI’s first international conference for monetary reform.She was later instrumental working with her husband, Dennis Kucinich, in the writing and introduction of HR 2990, The National Emergency Employment Defense Act; bringing monetary reform into the 2008 presidential campaign, and in spurring Congressional debate regarding oversight of the Federal Reserve.

Elizabeth Kucinich gave an amazing, uplifting presentation, entitled A much better world is absolutely possible! Elizabeth Kucinich, Professor and Vice Chancellor’s advisory council member for Coventry University, UK, Board member and Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute, the oldest organic research institute in America (established 1947), Government Affairs, Policy and Partnerships Consultant for Socially Conscious Organizational and Advocacy Development, Award-winning film producer (including GMO OMG and Hot Water), Advocate for sustainable organic food and food safety. Champion for peace, the environment, human rights and animal rights … monetary reform, and much more!

Elizabeth knows and does more about monetary reform than virtually all of the supposed monetary reformers, and she always tells the truth! This is Elizabeth’s second presentation to us and I’m looking forward to it very much. She is one of the most important persons in the U.S. concerning monetary reform. Her husband Dennis has addressed our conferences twice in the past. I’m guessing Dennis won’t be far away, and might yet be convinced to give a keynote Dinner talk.

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Rev[erend] Delman Coates is a graduate of Morehouse College (B.A. in Religion, 1995), Harvard Divinity School (Master of Divinity, 1998), and Columbia University (Master of Philosophy in Religion, 2002; Ph.D. in New Testament & Early Christianity, 2006). Coates has served as the Senior Pastor of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, MD since 2004.  During this time, the congregation has grown to almost 9,000 members. Pastor Coates is founder and president of the Black Church Center for Justice & Equality (BCC), and a board member of the Parents Television Council and the National Action Network. He is also a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Morehouse College Board of Preachers, and the NAACP.Rev. Delman Coates has appeared on and been profiled in national media such as MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Essence Magazine, NPR, VH1, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, and was featured in the documentary The New Black.

Reverend Delman Coates delivered a very powerful and truly inspirational speech entitled The New Abolitionism: Money Reform and the Struggle for Civil Rights about the need to break free from the modern form of slavery: debt slavery, at the 12th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference, University Center, Downtown Chicago, Saturday October 1, 2016.

Reverend Coates understanding and commitment to getting monetary reform, as the key stepping stone to achieving economic and social justice in America could well become a pivotal factor in attaining true monetary reform for the nation! Once we get it here, it will spread across the globe very, very quickly.

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Jim Wert just retired as senior counsel in the Legislative Counsel’s Office of the US House of Representatives where he worked for almost 31 years, 26 of them writing banking, financial services, credit, and coins and currency legislation and laws, including Kucinich’s NEED Act, HR2990, which he guided for over 2 years! The Legislative Counsel’s Office provides legislative drafting services to the committees and Members of the House of Representatives on a nonpartisan, impartial, and confidential basis.  Today he participates in, and is very much interested in, continuing discussions on what a sustainable and fully functional economic system might look like and what kind of financial system should evolve, to support the development of such an economic system and he has become very interested in Monetary reform.

Jim Wert, U.S. House of Representatives’ Legislative Counsel’s expert on monetary, banking and financial legislation for 29 years, and the man who put the NEED Act into legislative language, gave a highly thoughtful speech on The Politics of Monetary Reform and Economic Justice at the 12th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Jim’s talk to us 3 years ago, was a conference highlight. He surprised and shocked participants when he informed us that the primary element of banker power, using the fractional reserve system has never ever been established in law! Jim told us of a number of such surprises in banking law.

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Jamie Walton worked for two years in Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s office, helping put the N.E.E.D. bill together. He will describe how its various elements work. The three elements of this single reform are: 1) Incorporation of the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury. 2) Ending Fractional Reserve Banking – Changes in accounting rules so that banks no longer create any part of what we use for money. 3) New money needed in a developing society is introduced by government spending money into circulation on things like infrastructure, starting with the $3.6 trillion our engineers (ASCE) tell us is needed by 2020. Also included will be the “human infrastructure” of education and health care.

Jamie Walton gave two power-packed presentations, the first on Thursday gave introductory and background information on the NEED Act (National Emergency Employment Defense Act) and the second on Saturday followed this up with a more detailed explanation of the simplicity, elegance and genius of the seamless overnight conversion to the NEED Act, entitled the Seamless, Overnight, Non-Disruptive NEED Act Transition Process.

Jamie is an experienced civil engineer, and a senior AMI Researcher. Read his latest work here.

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Stephen Zarlenga, Director and co-founder of the American Monetary Institute in 1996; author of The Lost Science of Money book; and the Refutation of Menger’s Theory of the Origin of Money; and Greening the Dollar, a free CD of his presentation at the U.S. Green Party’s July 2007 National Convention; plus various articles and speeches; presents the background; objectives; methodology of the AMI and the Conference agenda and goals. An overview of what the AMI has accomplished since its founding in 1996, and our challenges and plans for the future.

Stephen Zarlenga gave an enlightening speech entitled Where do we go from here?

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Howard Switzer is a Tennessee architect working in eco-friendly building methods and builds energy efficient, healthy, homes of earth and straw. He co-founded the ‘Moving the Money to MainStreet Campaign,’ adopted by the GPUS in 2007. That same year he attended the AMI presentation from Stephen Zarlenga at the Greens national meeting in Reading, PA which confirmed his belief that monetary reform is critical to democracy and the funding of the Green Economic Transition. He presented on monetary reform at the 2013 Green Party National Meeting and then at the 9th Annual IMRC. He is a founding member and was co-chair of the Green Party of Tennessee 2002-2003 and served many terms on the Green Party’s National Committee as a delegate from Tennessee. He has run for state office in Tennessee to give the party standing in court to successfully sue the state for unconstitutional ballot access laws, which has been upheld in Federal and Appeals Courts 4 times. Tennessee Greens enjoyed their highest vote count to date this last election cycle!

Howard Switzer is the monetary reform expert for the Greens and gave a highly thought-provoking and motivational presentation, entitled What Monetary Reform Means to Greens?

H[oward] is currently a G[reen ]P[arty] national delegate advocating monetary reform, as per the Green Party platform which includes the key elements of the AMI/NEED Act proposal, to be a central component of the 2016 GPUS POTUS campaign and is calling for Reviving the American Revolution electorally to reclaim our nations’s economic sovereignty for the democratic governance of the United States.





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