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Dear Friends,

The 9th Annual Conference was a resounding success!!

- Click here to see Nik Livic's Great Conference Summary

The entire event is available on video for $188 (postpaid) on a 500 Gigabyte
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The American Monetary Institute announces its

9th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference
Sept. 19 - 22, 2013 at University Center in downtown Chicago
with new state of the art audio/visual facilities.
- Click here to read Jamie Walton's Conference Review


Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,
The 9th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference (Sept. 19-22, 2013) is taking shape as one of our best conferences ever. The confirmed speakers are monetary reform leaders presently involved in guiding monetary reform around the world (listed below). These people are on the front lines of monetary reform, and will share their thinking and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere with time for in depth questions and answers.
They will participate in several panels with the idea of arriving at general and specific features that true reform needs to achieve.

The banking disaster, created and facilitated by false economic and monetary ideas, can be seen as posing a real danger to the survival of the species. Our goal is to transform the ongoing disaster created by a mistructured banking and money system, into an opportunity to achieve real and lasting reforms for mankind.

Regular working people seem to understand that a moral approach is needed to lead to a future worthy of humanity. Around the World they are way ahead of their leadership, which ignores moral considerations, seeming to rely on media dominance to hold onto undeserved privileges for a tiny part of the population. But clearly, in order for the financial crisis to have occurred, thousands of financiers had to break our nation's very serious laws; and yet not a single one of them has been charged for those crimes.

Using debt in place of money, as our present system does, is at the base of the problem. The conference will discuss why that should be changed, how that can be accomplished with minimal disruption, and important moves in that direction by key people around the World.

We have a once in several generations  opportunity to fix an obviously flawed money system, that is causing so much pain and hardship among a growing section of our people. It is time to fix our monetary and banking system! Come and find out how, and the role you might play in that process.

Warm regards,
Stephen Zarlenga
Director, AMI

We proudly announce our confirmed speakers:

Prof. Joseph Huber addresses 
               Modern Money - Interest-bearing Credit or Debt-free Currency?

Prof. Joseph Huber
Prof. Joseph Huber of Martin-Luther University of Hall-Wittenberg, Germany's most important monetary reformer. Founder of monetative.de, Berlin, a monetary reform initiative. In the '90s he developed a new currency-school approach to overcome fractional reserve banking. Prof. Huber has been working with James Robertson on UK and European monetary reform since 1999, on behalf of the New Economics Foundation, London (report Creating New Money).
His talk, Modern Money - Interest-bearing Credit or Debt-free Currency?, starts from certain assumptions of Modern
Money Theory, and the views on money, credit, and debt and MMT's belittlement of the dysfunctions of the present mixed-money system on a basis of fractional reserve. He compares this against the analyses given by contemporary monetary reformers who actually stand for a transition from banks' credit-created money to debt-free sovereign money. Prof. Huber has launched an important new website at www.sovereignmoney.eu  to help explain monetary reform to all.

Dr. Michael Kumhof speaks on
                        A Modern Evaluation of the "Chicago Plan"
Dr. Michael Kumhof Dr. Michael Kumhof
Dr. Michael Kumhof is the Deputy Division Chief , of the modeling Division, of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF).
He will again present the important results of his "modelling" of the Chicago Plan proposal of the 1930s, when applied to the modern U.S. financial system (data through 2006).
Dr. Kumhof's IMF Working Paper "The Chicago Plan Revisited" has swept through the World's economic community, including at two presentations at the Bank of England, and numerous conferences in America and Europe.
The Chicago Plan was designed and promoted by our best economists in the 1930s (Henry Simons,
Irving Fisher, Douglas, et al), to get our nation out of the Great Depression.  The Chicago Plan is the precursor and model of both the American Monetary Act, and Congressman Kucinich's "NEED Act" (National Emergency Employment Defense Act), from the 112th Congress, "HR 2990."

Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi will travel from Japan to speak on:
                          Public vs Debt Money Systems
                                 - the American Monetary Act in a Nutshell -
Prof. Kaoru YamaguchiProf. Kaoru Yamaguchi
Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi has continued to refine his highly advanced modelling system to project how HR 2990  will achieve monetary reform. He concluded it will: pay off the US national debt as it comes due; provide the funding for infrastructure, which solves the unemployment problem; and does these things without inflation!
Professor Yamaguchi has headed the System Dynamics Group of the Doshisha Business School at Doshisha University in Kyoto Japan. He presented his
macroeconomic model on the to a plenary session of the System Dynamics International Conference in Seoul (2010), being attended by more than 300 researchers. It was so well received that on July 26th, the same International Conference asked him to speak on this matter again, at their meeting in Washington, DC.
Prof. Yamaguchi made a well received briefing to a packed room at the Cannon House Office Building in Washington DC, to congressional aides. This year he presents his updated study of the American Monetary Act, which also revisits the 1930s Chicago Plan.

Dr. Steve Keen of Australia will discuss
                       How Central Banks and Banking Systems Really Work
Steve Keen
Prof. Steve Keen
Top Australian monetary economist Steve Keen who won the inaugural (Paul) Revere Award for giving an early warning (2005) of the debt-deflation collapse. He has built a growing reputation as a rare deep thinker on how monetary systems really work, not just how the central banks have said they work. Thus his blog has over 50,000 followers. Keen is a must-see analyst for theorists and investors involved in markets of all types, including the bond markets.
Keen has served as Associate Professor, School of Economics & Finance, University of Western Sydney, Australia. In December 2005, drawing on his 1995 theoretical paper, and convinced that a financial crisis was fast approaching, Keen went high-profile public with his analysis and predictions. He registered the webpage www.debtdeflation.com dedicated to analyzing the “global debt bubble”, which soon attracted a large international audience.
In December 2012, Dr. Keen delivered a Congressional Briefing to Congressmen and aides  in Washington DC, sponsored by Congressman Dennis Kucinich; which warned of the dangers of a "sequestration." Prof. Keen will appear at our conference via skype, with full facility for questions and answers.

Prof. Richard Werner will discuss
     Challenges involved in getting European monetary authorities to forget Austerity.
Richard Werner Photo
Prof. Richard Werner
Professor Richard Werner has emerged as the central figure advising monetary authorities of the European money system to cease their destructive austerity programs.
He is Chair of International Banking and founding Director of the Centre for Banking, Finance, and Sustainable Development at the University of Southampton. His book Princes of the Yen became a no. 1 bestseller in Japan. His 2005 book New Paradigm in Macroeconomics (Palgrave Macmillan) correctly predicted the collapse of the UK banking system and property market and suggested workable solutions
. Areas of research include banking, monetary economics, the global financial crisis: causes, consequences and solutions; determinants of real estate prices in the UK and Japan; and monetary policy implementation in China. This talk presents a rare opportunity to understand the decision making process in the European Monetary Union.

Prof. Nicolaus Tideman will speak on
                                          Forms of Monetary Reform

Prof. Nic Tideman   Prof. Nic Tideman

Professor Tideman received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, where he studied under Milton Friedman and others. He taught at Harvard and served as Staff Economist at the President’s Council of Economic Advisors at the White House, before moving to Virginia Tech in 1973, where he has been Professor of Economics since 1985.  While his research has focused primarily on urban economics, public finance, voting rules and social justice, in 1975 he collaborated with Nobel Laureate James Buchanan in writing on “Gold, Money and the Law.”

Nic is a senior advisor to the American Monetary Institute.
His recent work, which became apparent at the AMI Cooper Union Monetary Reform Event, in May, is establishing Nic as among the foremost professors of Economics discussing monetary reform. This talk will show why.

Prof. Michael Hudson speaks on
                  The New Bankers "Game" - Setting Up "Toll Booths" Across The Land

Prof. Michael Hudson
  Author, Super Imperialism and Global Fracture; editor, Debt and Economic Renewal in the Ancient Near East; economic commentator for National Public Radio; distinguished Professor of Economics, University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Chief Economic Advisor to the 2008 Kucinich for President campaign. Dr. Hudson was the first to publicly identify the mechanism of "Dollar Imperialism" through the U.S. balance of payments deficits. Prof. Hudson will share his important latest observations on what the banking establishment is up to now.

Stephen Zarlenga presents
                      AMI's Purpose, Objectives and Methodology
  Stephen Zarlenga   Stephen Zarlenga
(early photo)
Director and co-founder of the American Monetary Institute in 1996; author of The Lost Science of Money book; and the Refutation of Menger's Theory of the Origin of Money; a Critique of A. M. Innes substituting debt in place of money, and Greening the Dollar, plus various articles and speeches; presents the background; objectives; methodology of the AMI and the Conference agenda and goals. His introduction will include an overview of what the AMI has accomplished since its founding in 1996, how we worked with Congressman Dennis Kucinich to get HR 2990 introduced, and our challenges and plans for the future.
Later in the program he will present a discussion of the minimal elements necessary to achieve lasting monetary reform. 

Jamie Walton speaks on
      The Requirements for Monetary Reform - Which Elements are Necessary,
and Why

photo of jamie walton
Jamie Walton
Jamie Walton, worked the last two years in Congressman Dennis Kucinich's office, helping put the HR 2990 bill together, will describe how its various elements would work. The three elements of this single reform are:
* Incorporation of the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury;
* Changes in lending accounting rules so that banks no longer create any part of what we use for money;
* New money needed in a developing society is introduced by  government spending money into circulation on things like infrastructure, starting with the $3.6 trillion our engineers (ASCE) tell us is needed by 2020. Also included will be the "human infrastructure" of education and health care.
Jamie's presentation includes the accounting changes to be placed on bank accounting methodology, and shows how all of them are already a part of our legal system and framework.
Jamie is an experienced civil engineer, and a senior AMI Researcher.

Robert Poteat speaks on
   How A Debt Based Money System Drives Warfare, and then Warfare Drives More Debt

bobpoteat    Robert Poteat
Robert Poteat is one of America's most knowledgeable, reality based experts on our money system. A long term and meticulous monetary researcher, certainly among the top half dozen in America in awareness of monetary systems, and the leader of AMI's Northwest Chapters. Money has ceased to be a just means of exchange, if it ever was, and has become, or still is, a means of power and control.
Three hundred eighteen years (Bank of England, 1694) of private monetization of government debt as a monetary base has brought the world to an unsustainable level of intellectual corruption,  inequity, injustice, plunder, violence, pollution, and warfare.  It is long past time to reform it.
Bob discusses why the American Monetary Act is needed in order to help resolve the greatest crises we now face. 

Bob is a senior advisor to the American Montary Institute, and a recipient of the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jim Wert speaks on "Banking Law and the Legislative Process: A glimpse Into the Mystery";
            A Light-hearted look at banking and how some banking laws and bills came into being.


Jim Wert                   

   Mr. Jim Wert

Until April 1, 2011, Jim Wert was a senior counsel in the Legislative Counsel’s Office of the US House of Representatives where he worked for almost 31 years, 26 of them writing banking, financial services, credit, and coins and currency legislation and laws such as Kucinich's HR2990. The Legislative Counsel’s Office provides legislative drafting services to the committees and Members of the House of Representatives on a nonpartisan, impartial, and confidential basis.  Today he participates in, and is very much interested in, continuing discussions on what a sustainable and fully functional economic system might look like and what kind of financial system is evolving, or could evolve, to support the development of such an economic system.

Joseph M. Pijanowski speaks on:  Restoring the Primary Labor Transaction -
                                       Trading Labor for Wages - with Monetary Reform.

  Joseph Pijanowski Joseph Pijanowski
   Joseph M. Pijanowski , Directing Business Representative of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union - Local 126, is a dynamic, highly regarded Illinois union leader 
Joe will discuss how the basic transaction of trading labor for wages has long ago been corrupted. With austerity and default looming large, in an era of risky financial schemes, extreme wealth concentration and spiraling debts, it is time to reexamine and restore this fundamental, potent transaction through a money system based on equity, not debt. That is the key to a fair and stable US economy.
Joe's local 126 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers was one of the key union supporters of Kucinich's monetary reform bill, HR2990 

Mark Pash speaks on
                                    Promoting and Defending Monetary Reform

Mark Pash   Mark Pash
Mark Pash is a Certified Financial Planner; Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration, from UCLA and USC respectively; served as an officer in the US Army Quartermaster Corp. For 40 years he has helped clients in all areas of financial planning, founding several financial organizations. Managing Director of NPB Financial Group LLC; served as an officer of various industry associations. His unique background brings together the practical and theoretical. Mark has been active in politics and was once a Congressional candidate.  He has politically advocated monetary reform for almost twenty years Mark will discuss how to promote monetary reform among political leaders and the general public including the business community and the “right”.  He will review his 24 reasons for monetary reform with the 13 ways to overcome the inflationary objection.

Andrew Jackson of Positive Money, UK,
                                speaks on Combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy

        Andrew Jackson                               
Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, is currently Head of Research at Positive Money. He has co-authored two books: 'Modernising Money,' with Ben Dyson; and ‘Where Does Money Come From?' with Josh Ryan-Collins and Tony Greenham of the new economics foundation and Professor Richard Werner of Southampton University. He holds a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Development Economics from the University of Sussex, and is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Southampton.
Andrew will briefly discuss Positive Money's strategy for progressing the monetary reform agenda in the UK, before showing how this links into his latest research, a proposal to combine monetary and fiscal policy which will allow the state to create and spend money into circulation.

Greg Coleridge speaks on "Making Lemonade Out of Lemons!" (hint:2013 is the
                                              100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve System)

Greg ColeridgeGreg Coleridge

Greg is Director of the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee (Quakers). He is on the National Steering Committee of the Move to Amend / Campaign to Legalize Democracy Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD) national collective. Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Using the Centennial Anniversary of the Federal Reserve to Promote True Monetary Reform. The 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve in December will provide a rare moment when the public will pay at least some attention to the role of this private entity creating and circulating what should be our public money. How can we make this moment a teachable moment and organizing opportunity for true monetary reform?
Greg's Northeast Ohio Office of the American Friends Service Committee, was a key endorser of Kucinich's HR 2990 monetary reform bill.

Joe Bongiovanni will speak on Wealth Concentration: Accident or Design
                                                     of Debt-based Money?


Joe Bongiovanni

Joe Bongiovanni is a second-generation monetary reformer. He has been studying money systems for over 40 years, being the co-founder and co-Director, with J. Peter Young, of the Kettle Pond Institute for Debt-free Money. Joe considers himself a Greenback revolutionist, and advocates for the solution he coins as "The Money System Common."

The issuance of money as a debt by the private sector has many political-economic consequences that are simply not apparent to casual observers of either political or social economics. These effects have a profound impact on our society and cause a myriad of crises that cannot be remedied unless the systemic cause is well-understood.

Steven Walsh, AMI researcher, speaks on Lessons Learned From Explaining
                                                                   Monetary Reform to Youngsters

Steven Walsh   Steven Walsh

An educator’s Review of Monetary Reform: the journey of finding good curriculum and history. With this background I look at local currencies, state banking, and banking at the national level.
 I will share an elementary view of how bank accounting works and the controversy surrounding bank-created money.  Lastly, we will look at a moral problem: giving back to government the right to directly create money.  This discussion should lead us to a conversation of how we will look at government after reform, and how - for now  - some distrust exists.

Donal Butterfield reports on the Occupy Wall Street's "Alternative Banking" Meetings

awaiting photo of
   Donal Butterfield
Donal Butterfield, our New York City correspondent has attended most of the weekly "Alternative Banking" meetings at Columbia University, sponsored by Occupy Wall Street. He is in the process of contributing to their upcoming written report to be published in book form soon.
Donal presents a report on those meetings - the positives and negatives of them, and what to expect in terms of any monetary reform proposals from Occupy Wall Street, in New York City.

Sue Peters
speaks on Holding Regular meetings on the Monetary Reform Topic

                                  awaiting photo of 

Sue Peters

Sue Peters has been a student of monetary history for the last 6 years, and has spoken publicly on the topic at colleges and civic groups. She graduated from NYU with a degree in history and from Bank Street College with a degree in education, worked for 32 years on Wall Street as a systems analyst, and has been applying her expertise as a systems analyst to the money system. She is a member of the American Monetary Institute.

Allen Smith speaks on Techniques Promoting AMI's Cooper Union Event

                                  awaiting photo of 

Allen Smith
Allen Smith teaches economics at the Henry George School of Social Science in New York. He has collaborated with some others to study and promote monetary reform.
Talk (very brief I think):
Last May, at Cooper Union in New York, we had a successful event called "Fixing Our Broken Money System." I worked with Sue Peters and others to get the word out so that we had a good attendance. We have also used the mailing list gathered from that event to promote further events on monetary reform in New York.

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Here is the program schedule:


Thursday September 19th; PM: 
Introduction of what the AMI is, WHAT we are doing and WHY

1:00 PM      Stephen Zarlenga opens the Conference with
                     AMI's Purpose, Objectives and Methodology

1:50             Robert Poteat on
                     The relation between Banking and warfare:How Debt money drives warfare then
                      Warfare  Drives up Debt.

2:40             Steven Walsh speaks on Lessons Learned From Explaining Monetary Reform
                                                        to Youngsters

3:45             Joseph Bongiovanni on Wealth Concentration -
                                 Accident or by Design of Debt Based Money.  

4:15         Greg Coleridge speaks on Making Lemonade out of Lemons -
                                                        100 years of the Federal Reserve

Afterward:   Panel with Coleridge, Poteat, Bongiovanni, Walton, Walsh, DeWulf.

5:45 PM - 8:00 PM  Get Acquainted Reception
Juices, fruits & vegs, cold cuts, cheeses, rolls and some tasty salads. Special University Center Punch - Don't ask!!
A few acknowledgements and comments, maybe some entertainment! Dress: your choice from informal to fancy.

Friday September 20th AM:
Defining and understanding our Money and Banking System
9:00 AM   Brief Conference announcements - Stephen Zarlenga

9:15          Mark Pash presents Promoting and Defending Monetary Reform

10:15         Dr. Michael Kumhof on The Chicago Plan Revisited

11:15         Jamie Walton: How the AMI will Move Forward -
                                       How and Why reform will work

12:15  noon - break for lunch

Friday PM:

1:15           Prof. Joseph Huber: Modern Money - Interest-bearing Credit
                                                 or Debt-free Currency?

2:15           Joseph Pijanowski on Restoring the Primary Labor Transaction -
                                       Trading Labor for Wages - with Monetary Reform.

3:00  Coffee Break

3:30            Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi presents
                                  Public vs Debt Money Systems
                    - the American Monetary Act in a Nutshell -

4:30            Andrew Jackson speaks on Combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy

5:30             Panel with Prof. Yamaguchi, Prof Huber, Dr. Kumhof, Jamie Walton,
                                     Andrew Jackson and Prof. Werner

6:30 Break to go out for Dinner

Saturday AM, September 21nd:
International Monetary Developments

9:00 AM       Zarlenga openning announcements

9:30              Prof. Steve Keen by Skype from Ecuador

10:15            Mr. James Wert, Legislative Counsel, (Ret) , speaks on
                        How A Bill Is Introduced into the Congress

11:00             Prof. Nicolaus Tideman on  Forms of Monetary Reform

Noon - break for lunch

Saturday PM:

1:00                 Prof. Richard Werner - Breaking European Monetary Managers
                                                             of their Austerity Addictions

2:00                 Michael Hudson on   The New Bankers "Game" - Setting Up "Toll Booths"

3:00                 Stephen Zarlenga speaks on The Essential Elements necessary
                                                                   for Monetary Reform?

3:45   Coffee Break

Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchimichael clarkbobpoteathudsonphoto of jamie waltonpanel
ed stuartSteve KeenDr. Michael Kumhof

4:00              Panel on International Ramifications of Monetary Reform
                    Featuring Prof. Werner, Andrew Jackson, Prof. Yamaguchi, Dr. Kumhof, Dr. Hudson 

4:50            Donal Butterfield reports on the Occupy Wall Street's
                   "Alternative Banking" Meetings

5:15           Panel for critiques of this conference. Are Alternative viewpoints missing?
                  Members include John Conroy, Ron Davis, Howard Switzer, Nick Egnatz.

break to prepare for dinner

7:00 PM  Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony
                 featuring Special Guest Speaker (s)

Sunday September 22rd, AM:
9:00 AM           Zarlenga makes some Conference announcements. At some point over the conference                                    He will present The Essentials needed to achieve real reform.

9:40                 Sue Peters describes how to motivate a group meeting regularly
                       on monetary reform questions

10:00               Allen Smith discusses  how to help promote an event such as our Cooper Union
                         Seminar, and interface with other groups such as the Georgists.

10:30                Panel and Open session and "free for all" critiques by participants; other reform ideas
                       can be examined briefly, but be ready to take heat!

11:30 AM Stephen Zarlenga Closes the Conference with a brief summary
outlining some objectives until the next conference, scheduled for late September 2014.

Hotel Checkouts possible - generally you should have requested late check outs earlier.

12:15 - 12:30 PM  Participants take readily available taxis for the 3 mile trip to North Avenue Beach
where our beach barbecue party is already set up and cooking, 250 yards South of the Beach House,
under the trees in the grassy area. Shade and chairs available. Tell the cab driver to go to the North Avenue
Beach house. This event is somewhat weather dependent, however there is a covered area at the
Beach House
if it rains. The one mile swim challenge may be limited to expert swimmers, or cancelled, depending on weather conditions.

1PM - 5 PM  Beach Barbecue Party

(Assuming that Lake Michigan and the weather cooperate!)
Oak Street Beach North Ledge
The North Ledge of Chicago's World Renowned Oak Street Beach
Stephen Zarlenga's summertime office is located under an umbrella just beneath
the bottom middle of the photo. This is where we keep our sanity and stay in shape -
physically and spiritually! It's exactly one mile to the sand and back, with ladders
every 40 yards. We'll have hot dogs, sausages, and a vegetarian alternative; volleyball;
badminton and horseshoes. A one mile swim challenge (if Lake Michigan cooperates)
and an alternate one mile walk. A Magnificent Mile Swim T-Shirt goes to each serious
swimmer, and maybe some walkers! We'll have the swim, as long as wind and wave
conditions permit. Swimmers should bring good goggles, a bathing cap really helps keep
you warm, ear plugs and a nose plug. (oh yes - and a bathing suit!)
UPDATE: It is September 9th, and water temperature is 72 degrees! A good sign for the
swim to go forward, depending on winds.

Some scenes from prior conferences:

Reed in Waves Reed arriving at beach zarlenga arrives at beach Swimmers!
R.Simpson in waves and 1/2 mile later arriving at Oak St. Beach.              Zarlenga arrives at beach        Zarlenga,Simpson,Walsh and Riniker
Waves were at max 
Ben Gisin & Micheal Hudson   elizabeth, Alistair and Stephen
  Waves were at near maximum                               
Ben Gisin and Mike Hudson                                        Elizabeth, Stephen and Alistair                     for the swim challenge to go forward  
                                Congressman Dennis Kucinich                                                                                     Dr. Lucienne DeWulf,                     Parachutist at
                                              and wife  Elizabeth                                                                                             AMI Co-founder                              Oak St. Beach

    Barbecue Beach Party at North Ave        Aes Grave + LSM
                                  Poteat, Sullivan, Zarlenga, DeWulf, Grewall, &  Fuller                                 An 8oz Roman Aes Grave atop The Lost Science of Money