“Over time, whoever controls the money system,
controls the nation.”

- Stephen Zarlenga, Director

The American Monetary Institute is a publicly supported charity founded in 1996. The real outcomes in society – whether there will be general economic justice or corrupt financial privileges for the few – are usually determined by the structure of a society’s monetary system.

Upcoming Events

We are trying something new this Sunday, March 16th, from 8 pm to 10 pm eastern time. We will conduct a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). You can tune in at http://www.reddit.com. You can also make comments if you register or are already registered.

-Free Monetary seminar in Chicago – Tuesday, March 25th: Stephen Zarlenga, Director of the American Monetary Institute, will explain how our mis-structured banking and monetary system causes repeated crises for most of our population, and how we can fix it.
6:30 – 8:30 PM – Chicago Temple, in the “James Parlor” – 77 W Washington Street
See informational flyer here

-Early registration for 10th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference is available until March 31st. Reserve your seat for $295 and save $100 off the normal registration. See our 2014 Conference page for details.

-FREE Talk at the College of Complexes by AMI Director Stephen Zarlenga – Saturday, December 28th – Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago. Forum begins at 8 PM following dinner at the restaurant.

-A Viable Solution to the Economic Crisis – statement from Robert Poteat of the AMI on the one-hundred year old Federal Reserve Banking System and an available solution from former Congressman Dennis Kucinich – HR 2990 of the 112th Congress.

-Free Monetary seminar at the Henry George School in New York – Thursday, December 5th: 6:30-8:30 pm – 121 E. 30th St.

-Free Monetary talk in Kinderhook, NY, near AMI headquarters – Tuesday, December 3rd: Call for details.

-Free Monetary seminar in Chicago – Monday, October 21st: Jamie Walton (AMI Researcher and former aide to Congressman Kucinich), Steven Walsh (AMI Researcher), and AMI Director Stephen Zarlenga present themes and answer key monetary questions of our time and discuss how we can solve the economic crisis. See informational flyer here
6:30 – 8:30 PM – Chicago Temple, in the “James Parlor” – 77 W Washington Street

-Click Here to read Nik Livic’s great summary of the 2013 AMI Conference.

-Click here to read our latest Huffington Post article concerning the most recent debt limit crisis – co-written by Nick Egnatz, Jamie Walton, and Stephen Zarlenga.

-Click here to watch Dr. Michael Kumhof of the IMF give a well-received talk at the 2013 EEA conference session hosted by the American Monetary Institute.

2014 AMI Monetary Reform Conference

Registration discount for the 10th Annual AMI Monetary Reform is available through March 31st. Click the link above to see the conference page and sign up today! See the 2014 schedule page here to view the speaker bios, pictures, and schedule.

Congressman Kucinich’s Historic Monetary Reform Bill HR 2990

September 21, 2011 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced an employment bill reforming our money system: The NEED Act proposes a historic money reform, containing all the monetary provisions of the American Monetary Act including ending “fractional reserve” banking.


A Serious Challenge to Modern Money Theory (MMT)

This paper from Prof. Joseph Huber to the 2013 AMI Conference analyzes MMT and shows how it fails to seek true monetary reform. This is an especially important paper which the Real World Economics Review has just sent to its 23,924 subscribers! Will MMT try to ignore this?

Hundred Year Old Federal Reserve System Problem

A Viable Solution to the Economic Crisis, by Robert Poteat of the AMI, takes on the problematic Federal Reserve Banking System and presents a viable solution to this system, Kucinich’s HR 2990.

AMI’s Cooper Union Event: Fixing Our Broken Money System – Videos Now Available!

To receive your videos of the event, please see our fundraising note and video order form.

Click here to hear Stephen Zarlenga’s Cooper Union radio interview for

AMI Evaluation of “Modern Monetary Theory”

The AMI evaluation of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) addresses some of the issues that come up when comparing MMT’s misguided views on monetary facts.

Zarlenga’s Speech at the US Treasury 12/4/03

Zarlenga’s address to the US Treasury entitled “Solution to the State’s Fiscal Crises”.

Zarlenga’s Speech at the 2007 Green Party Convention

For the first time, a major political party has a platform plank (2012) supporting real monetary reform, which includes the major provisions of the American Monetary Act. This momentous progress came as a direct result of director Stephen Zarlenga’s speech.

Green Party’s Historic Monetary Reform Plank

The necessary steps to fixing the monetary system established in HR 2990 were used as a guideline by the Green Party to create and approve this monetary reform plank.

Zarlenga’s Speech at the House of Lords 5/4/04

Zarlenga’s address to the House of Lords entitled “Monetary Justice Using Publicly Created Money to Fund Public Projects”.

32 Page Brochure Explaining Monetary Reform

Review and share the AMI’s Monetary Reform Brochure with explanations, historical background, the latest text of the NEED Act, answers to the 20 most frequently asked questions, and for information on what you can do to get involved. Also, please visit our Intro to Monetary Reform page for several articles to help students of monetary reform.

Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi’s Model of HR 2990

Professor Yamaguchi (Berkeley, Doshisha Universities) shows that Kucinich’s HR 2990 NEED Act: (1) Provides the funding for infrastructure repair (which solves the unemployment crisis) (2) Pays off the national debt as it comes due (3) Does this without inflation! Click here to watch a video of Professor Yamaguchi’s presentation to the 2010 AMI Conference. Wow!

AMI Achievements to Date

Here are some of our most important achievements to date, made possible by the support of our generous donors who have contributed time and resources throughout the years.

Key Articles

Helpful Monetary Reform Materials


Stephen Zarlenga’s Address
to Occupy Chicago

We are the Many – Makana


Recent Articles from AMI Researchers

-Occupying the NEED Act, by Nick Egnatz, gives an easy to understand primer on the nature of money, monetary systems, and the 3 major reforms that make up the NEED Act.

-Getting What We NEED, by Nick Egnatz, describes the reforms present in the NEED Act and how a debt-free money system would benefit the overwhelming majority of American citizens.

-Mourning 100 Years of Usury under The Fed, by Nick Egnatz, details the tragic 100th anniversary of the private Federal Reserve System, when the U.S. government gave to a private banking cartel that which no government has the right to give away – the sovereign right of a people to create and control their own money.